When we start thinking, the idea of seeking third-party support seems quite unnatural to us. I mean a company who don’t even own the product says that they can come in and fix the issues for a nominal free. It raises the question that do we really need third party support for Binance or any other crypto exchange or wallet ?

The very first benefit is when the original vendor is busy solving tons of issues of customers we small third party companies comes handy . You may experience higher efficiency and professionalism that too at a lower cost because of fewer cases to handle at a time .  Another aspect is that using the same ticket number you can seek support for 6 months if problem occurs again .In the first couple of years following crypto currency release, bugs and other issues were less identified and addressed by the Binance or other crypto exchange. After a while, issues with the code and back end functionality dramatically increased and the system became very unstable.Users started getting panic due to longer mail queues and higher response time. But our third party support for Binance helps users getting their Queries resolved within desired time frame and that too at a very nominal fee.

“Bitcoin seems to be a very promising idea. I like the idea of basing security on the assumption that the CPU power of honest participants outweighs that of the attacker. It is a very modern notion that exploits the power of the long tail.” – Hal Finney

80 % of the people holding altcoins are newbies, surrounded with ample of security issues and risks .They are easily identified on web and are vulnerable which makes them easy targets for cybercriminals and thieves.

In the recent pas the most reported issue by crypto traders was phone-porting attack. For quick results , new users leave their email id or phone numbers on many places on social media or at other places and cyber masters use various techniques to take over the phone .Once the attackers have access to the telephone number ,they login to the account , change credentials and steal funds.

The other methods are phishing scams , ransomware or IVR calls to customers posing to be the official team and then tricking users to compromise their accounts.

So, what’s the solution? how to secure user’s accounts and valuable assets when in todays world the mobile and laptop wallets have become the new bank for people. For all such issues 1800customerservicenumbers.com  third party support comes handy.


  1. Read the details twice in email before clicking any link or opening any attachments.
  2. Use Google authenticator Or Authy app for 2FA verification.
  3. Always have backups so that if your device gets lost you can restore the wallet using backups.
  4. If Using any offline wallet encrypt it with the password.
  5. Have updated antivirus and antimalware solutions in your systems.
  6. Choose strong passwords.Usually passwords with combination of letters numbers and special character are considered strong  .
  7. Enable 2FA for login as well as transactions..
  8. Don’t ever post your exchange or wallet details or your associated email and phone number on social platforms.
  9. Enable “do not port” on your phone number and add extra verification options for it when you need to do it for yourself .
  10. Diversify your assets in multiple exchanges and wallets.

Team1800customerservicenumbers.com  always try to help crypto users to buy and sell with security and secure their account at a very nominal fee.

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