Lbank Phone Number:-


In case you are wondering that why would anyone need  Lbank Phone Number then please read below:-

LBank is a type of cryptocurrency exchange focused mainly in Asian market. It has its service centers based out in China. Lbank was started in 2016 and till now it has gained huge growth in the market. It is a kind of online banking and has specialization for managing digital assets. LBank facilitates its user’s crypto-to-crypto trading as well as it allows fiat-to-crypto trading as well. It has an option for multiple numbers of altcoins available for users and the best part is many of them is relatively very cheap. Lbank supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies including BTC, QTUM, ZEC, ETH, and VEN. Lbank facilitates real money transactions for its users, however, this exchange supports fiat currencies are USD and Chinese Yuan only. Users are able to make transactions directly through their bank account too. Users can directly deposit or withdraw money in conjunction with Lbank.

Having said that despite having so many advantageous features for the users this exchange has many disadvantages also. Users have complained that LBank has not mentioned a lot of details about trading conditions and exchange background. Many Users have an issue with the language option also, as it is only in Chinese. Users have an issue with the exchange as it does not have a mobile app as well. Users have an issue with no provision of leverage, password recovery issue, verification issue, log in issue and many others. Many of them are not yet solved and long waiting time for users.


  • The absence of margin trading, No leverage
  • Doesn’t having a mobile application
  • Presentation and description issue with the website
  • Delayed response time in problem-solving
  • Sign In issue
  • Accounts get hanged

If you are having Lbank account and facing all these issues we have a specialized Lbank support team to help you out. Crypto-currency market is gaining so much mindshare and the same level of critical problems. Every exchange success depends on the level of security measures it provides to users as well as soon as it solves the issues raised by its users.

Lbank has started its Lbank support number which is available 24/7 throughout the year to help its users. You can contact our support number.

Users are just required to have their registered email id and mobile number and they’re complaining number. Just contact our Lbank Support Number and have happy trading.


For detailed info kindly visit the official website :-  and raise a ticket there.