Digifinex support Number:-


If you are being surprised why to have Digifinex support Number kindly have a look at below cases:-

The new concept of Trade mining is giving rise to many small cryptocurrency exchanges. DigiFinex is a new cryptocurrency exchange in a market on digital currency. It is based out of Singapore but it targets mostly Chinese market. Although DigiFinex is a very new exchange in a market the user and trading volume is going up exponentially. Having said that the trading activities happening at DigiFinex are not from professional traders but if the exchange maintains its pace of growth very soon it will be becoming one of the top exchanges. DigiFinex is becoming as popular as it has option for different coins to be traded on the platform, the most popular of which are BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, OMG and QUTU. They are traded against USDT, BTC, and ETH. DigiFinex allows its users a way of converting their Chinese Yuan into USD Tether.

Despite having all these goodness and profits for its users the exchange has many issues as well. As it’s focused mainly on the Chinese market. Users have an issue with language option on the website as well.US and Singapore clients can’t have trade with DigiFinex. There is no leverage for margin trading. Being a very new company, users haven’t got very much detail about the exchange. Users have complained that many functionalities they can’t use because of a language barrier with Digifinex. Some more possible concerns reported by users are mentioned below:


  • Sign In issue
  • No information about space where funds are being kept
  • A slowdown of exchange at the time of a huge traffic
  • Withdrawal and deposit issue
  • Transactions getting on hold
  • Language issue
  • USDT not supported
  • No information about origin and history of exchange

Having said that although it’s a new exchange as gaining popularity users will be increasing and with an increase in base of users’ number of complaints will keep on increasing. By keeping the exponential rise of issues in future DigiFinex has decided to provide its users live support for all trade-related and other problems. Users are requested to contact Digifinex support number.


This Live support will work round the clock throughout the year. Users issues will be solved in as much less time as possible. Users are requested to be ready with their registered id and KYC details. Don’t panic in any problem contact DigiFinex support number.


For detailed info kindly visit the official website:- https://www.digifinex.com/ and raise a ticket there.