BCEX Support Number:-


If you are being surprised why to have BCEX Support Number kindly have a look at below cases:-

BCEX is a type of cryptocurrency exchange which has gained some attention in the eastern region of Asia and especially China is one of them. BCEX is a P2P exchange and it is based out of Hong Kong, But the exchange generally prohibits US traders to use BCEX.BCEX exchange has a different trading fee for deposit and withdrawal. In the case of deposit the fee is 0.2% which is quite competitive but in case of withdrawal, it has a transaction fee of 0.50 %, which is quite higher on the other side. The exchange was started in 2017 but very soon BCEX is very popular among new beginners as it has a very simple user interface. BCEX supports multiple altcoins and it is in partnership with ALLCOIN and OTC789. Users are supposed to verify their BCEX account before the start of any trade.

Despite having all these features the exchange is cluttered with so many disadvantages as well. Many users have some doubt about the reputation of this exchange as its parent company hasn’t disclosed anything about them. The transfer methods are also not very clear with BCEX. Users are also suspicious about keeping currency with this exchange as BCEX doesn’t reveal where they store their user’s funds. Many users have also complained about poorly built of the BCEX website and many professional traders don’t find it very friendly. Users have faced issue with long withdrawal time and many transaction issues.


  • Many countries are not supported at this exchange, so people can’t access it anywhere from the world.
  • The parent company (Biomass) isn’t a very well-known company, so users have some trust issue as well.
  • Poorly designed trading platform.
  • The CK. USDT issue
  • Language issue as it supports mandarin.
  • Transaction issue: As a deposit method is not well mentioned from BCEX side.
  • Insufficient funds issue: As users have reported that if they have fewer funds in their account they are not able to transfer that in other wallets.

Users have faced issues with language selection and deposit process is also not defined for them. Many users have an issue with sign in with BCEX. The website of BCEX gets mostly hanged. There is a huge number of customer complaints and multiple tickets have risen for BCEX. It is serving mostly Chinese market as the exchange itself is not capable of handling all issues/queries raised by traders. So BCEX has started their live support and we have a dedicated team especially for BCEX issues. If you are facing any issue related to this you can contact our BCEX Support Number.


Our team will be there to help you out every single moment, the moment you face any issue contact our support number +1-888-706-8056. We will try to solve your issues as soon as possible.


For detailed info kindly visit the official website: https://www.bcex.ca/ and raise a ticket there.